The Ultimate Canna Spa Experience!

Hempology Spa

Hempology Beauty Spa is a world class executive spa famously known for being the first Cannabis spa providing  full service CBD Skin Care, Body Sculpting, Infrared Sauna Treatments ,  and wellness products. Our brand name “Hempology” which is derived from the words “Hemp” and “logy” simply means a Spa where the special nutrient found in hemp (CBD) is applied. At our cannabis spa and beauty bar, we show you the wonders we perform with cannabis and hemp extracts, making you look lovely inside out.  

The deep interest of our founders  is ensuring that every woman maintains their natural beauty  through the aid of our trusted natural CBD Products and Beauty Services. This is the inspiration behind the establishment of hempology. After much research work and testing in previous years, the Hempology spa has successfull develop specific treatments customized to each clients specific need for those suffering with suffering with inflammation disorders ,chronic pain , skincare and hormonal weight gain.

At Hempology our CBD products are made from highest quality Hemp, grown in USA with the CO2 carefully extracted, and tested without altering its effectiveness and potency. Our CBD branded producst are tailor made to meet the need of your overall being  giving your body the much needed wellness and natural beauty you deserve. Our staff are highly trained in Aesthetics , massage therapy and Cannabis.  We offer a top notch unique experience  that you cannot find anywhere else.  

At our spa, we  give your body that special treatment to help rejuvenate your body, and leave you with a feeling of relaxation.  Come take a break with us you'll be glad you did.